What Do Our Customers say?

Jason Smith, High Adventure Director, Summer’s Best Two Weeks, Boswell, PA


"Our camp began using Pro Image in 2016.  Tom and his team provided expert advice and recommendations to upgrade our neglected High Adventure elements.  We thought we were just checking off a box for our insurance provider, but we quickly realized that Tom’s vision for our program could take it to the next level.  

Since our first inspection with Pro Image, we have overhauled four of our main Adventure areas including: two high ropes courses, dual zip lines, and a climbing/rappelling wall.  The upgraded elements have increased the enjoyment of our campers and staff, they are far more aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, they are safer.  I am confident we have a superior final product than another vendor would have developed due to choosing Pro Image for our course upgrades.

Also, the cooperative mindset that Tom employs lends itself well to ropes course managers who are interested in being ‘hands-on’ during inspections and building projects.  Tom’s willingness to make extra site visits and answer questions remotely kept our projects moving along.

Our organization has also benefited from the various training opportunities Pro Image has made available to us, both on our site, as well as at other facilities."

Jason Smith
High Adventure Director
PRCA Certified Ropes Challenge Course Director, 

Facilitator & Guide Level 2

Mike Smith, Training/Development Coordinator, Teaching Family Homes, Marquette, MI


"After careful review of several licensed ropes course builders we decide Pro-Image and Associates was the best fit for us. We imagined a crew coming in and building the course, adding elements and training staff. What we got is so much more

than just another builder or another training. 

Tom Andrews and his associates take on projects such as ours to not just build safe and secure ropes courses but to treat the course and us  as an addition to their family. They viewed our project and agency as a partnership in developing our adventure based learning. The on-going consultation with Tom after the project was complete has been invaluable.

He always makes time for questions around the safety and physical aspect of owning a course, but just as important, he is a tremendous resource on how to structure programming and being creative with different populations that we serve.

Throughout the training process Tom Andrews and his associates are forever looking at ways to enlighten, educate, and inspire facilitators-in-training. The personal growth in the attendees was so evident that it has been one of the most sought-after trainings that our agency provides to staff. Tom Andrews’ training is so much more than the safe application of PRCA standards. It is teaching others how to skillfully read a group, interact with individuals by asking the right questions and providing strategies to assist facilitators in helping participants gain the most out of the experience. This personal touch and genuine caring for our program as well as the individuals involved is why we would recommend Tom Andrews and Associates to anyone that’s wants to develop an adventured based learning program as well as their staff."

Mike Smith

Training and Development Coordinator

PRCA Level 2, Course Manager

Kelly Lyman, Superintendent of Schools, Mansfield Public Schools, Mansfield, CT


"We have been clients of Pro Image Adventures for more than ten years. Their professionalism, concern for our needs, and attention to detail ensure we have robust, safe systems at all of our school with the trained staff necessary to provide students a challenging and fun experience.  

Tom and his team are trustworthy, prompt, and have formed a true partnership with us."

Kelly Lyman 

Superintendent of Schools

Mansfield Public Schools, Mansfield, CT

Patrick Kiesendahl, Owner/Operation Director,    Woodloch Pines Resort, Hawley, PA


"We built our Zipline with Pro Image/Tom Andrews in 2011.  Tom and his team constructed an excellent zipline that fit within our limited and unique geography.  He was able to think outside the box and provide multiple “elements” to enhance the whole zipline process.  

We are a family resort that hosts up to 2,500 guests at one time, and we have a variety of different activities.  With that being said, our staffing for the zipline is not like a traditional adventure course.  Tom was able to work with us to come up with the best plan possible for staffing.  

After the construction, Tom’s customer service has been excellent.  He has, on many occasions, made trips up to our facility to help train staff, fix issues, etc.  Tom has stayed on top of safety trends and regulation changes through the years so we are always in compliance.  He in a sincere, caring, hard working vendor and will be an asset to any company or organization that uses him."

Patrick Kiesendahl      

Owner/Operations Director

Woodloch Pines Resort, Hawley, PA, 18428