Many of our clients say the same thing we already know “Your staff are just so great!”

Indeed, maybe the best talent Tom has is his ability to know when he has found another great asset to join the Pro Image Associates team!

Here are the names and backgrounds of just a few of the many part time expert folks Tom sweet talks into helping with various projects around the country…. 


Dave Woods

 Dave Woods, who has been with Tom more hours than probably anyone has been a quiet excellent presence for Pro image since 1996….As a builder, woodworker, designer, diplomat, trainer, instructor, and partner in the business operation, Dave is in a class by himself.


Dan “Coach K” Kiestlinger

 Dan “Coach K” Kiestlinger probably knows Tom the longest since 1989, and since his retirement from teaching and coaching, has been the on call climber, builder, inspector, trainer, travel companion and new Florida companion in the winter… 

Phil Keck


 Phil Keck is a steel and wood worker, who also is a farmer par excellence, and rebuilds/restores anything; especially old farmhouses. He has been working on projects with Tom since 2010... 

Gus Denzik


 Gus Denzik, more often seen running his own company and the original founder of ERI, builder / trainer / inspector since the 80s, has been an associate since 2016, and now a fellow board member on PRCA as well…. 

Gary Ethington


 Gary Ethington, has been working with Tom off and on since they met years ago at a conference in the late 1990s. Gary has an excellent background in building, management of non profits, working with folks with disabilities and has a fondness for desert crawler 4 WD vehicles! 

Curt Rowland


 Curt Rowland has been in the adventure field since the 1980s, is an excellent woodworker, and working with Tom off and on since 2015 


Ian Chester


 Ian Chester has been working with Tom since 2012 when they took off for CT, then to Canada via PEI on some adventures…Ian has great strength, patience, curiosity, climbing ability, and an affinity for working with wood…and kids!

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