adventures and team building

An experiential education program is designed to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual (holistic) self-discovery through adventure-challenge activities. Programs are primarily conducted in the outdoors by trained and experienced facilitators.

Experiential learning programs have proved to be very useful for increasing self-confidence and morale. Participants are challenged individually and as a group to improve communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Lessons learned from these experiences can be applied to school or work, and will contribute to a more open and comfortable environment that fosters creativity and productivity.


Customize your adventure


Results of Pro Image Teambuilding Facilitation

  • Increased Self Confidence and Morale
  • Teambuilding & Leadership Skills
  • Risk Taking & Problem Solving Skills
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Skills

What Pro Image Adventures Provides

  • Skilled, motivated facilitators
  • Social interaction that is genuine and constructive
  • Opportunity to learn from personal experiences
  • Discussion applied to real life situations - productive, life changing events
  • A natural environment that is safe and neutral
  • Available indoor activity / seminar space if needed
  • Structured physical / mental / emotional / spiritual challenges; training tailored to your group

Choose Your Challenge

Pro Image Adventures follows a "choose your challenge" policy; no one will be forced/coerced/required to participate in any exercise. Since the outcome of the experience can have a powerful impact on one's personal development, skillful facilitation of the transfer of learning to the participant's home/school/work setting is fundamental.

Pro Image Adventures Facilitation Locations

Pro Image Adventures is based in Cicero, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis.  However, because of our affiliation and close relationship with challenge course facilities around the United States, we can arrange to use a course closer to you, if desired. We also may be able to deliver some programs right at your organization's location.


"Tom Andrews' teambuilding processes can be invaluable to the preparation or revitalization of any group that is expected to function as a team. During his work on a new plant start-up for Inland, he transformed previously unacquainted people into closely knit, synergistic, and effective teams. The progress in two days of activity far exceeded expectations. The visible and consistent results, with all levels from plant leaders to operators, served to validate his philosophy, processes, and talents. Tom Andrews is truly a value-added, teambuilding resource."

James A Griffiths
Manager, Organizational Effectiveness
Inland Paper
board and Packaging Inc.

"Ever since our time with you, I've been wanting to write a note to say thanks. Our weekend retreat including the ropes course has been a highlight for the team so far this year. It's enabled us to come together and be closer more quickly than in past years. It was a pleasure to get to know you and work with you. Thanks for your part in helping our ministry happen."

Kevin Roth
Grace Community Church
Noblesville, IN