A bit about us

Who We Are:


Pro Image Adventures, as a dba for Pro Image & Associates, LLC, has proudly been composed of a diverse group of multi talented folks: teachers, coaches, carpenters, home builders, lawyers, pastors, professors, and artists.  (The sum of all those years' experience is over 500 years!)

Pro Image Adventures has delivered challenge course adventure services to more than 1000 organizations since 1985.  Never a large company, we created our own niche in the market with camps, schools, colleges, communities, churches, and corporate business teams.


Overview of Our Services:


We are a full service adventure challenge company.  This means we have delivered safety inspections, are experienced (more than 30 years) in the design of community based facilitation, staff training, teambuilding, group skills training, and more…oh yeah, we do build and service challenge course and climbing structures, too! 

Our Vision & Outcomes:


To provide safe, creative, environmentally/ aesthetically pleasing structures that are fun to be in and play on and stimulate personal and group action.  

To create an enduring model of individuals within a community that practice leadership, teambuilding, peace, compassion, humor and teach one another life lessons that are multi-cultural. 

Challenge Course Safety Inspections, Design/Install:


As a Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA) accredited vendor since 2009, Pro Image Adventures has kept up to date on industry standards. Its written and visual Safety Inspection report services are an invaluable tool not only for the condition of a current site, and educating about ANSI/PRCA 2014 safety standards, but for the long or short range planning for the future....

Pro Image Adventures is a leader in pioneering elements which always emphasize close relationship with you, to assure getting what you want. Each ropes course proposal includes a complete overview of the costs involved with a recommended challenge ropes course for you. We design truly state-of-the-art series of stations that are not your average ropes course.

Training & Certification:


Pro Image Adventures offers Low, High Ropes and Manager trainings, including certification, in accordance with ANSI/PRCA current standards.

Participants learn how to develop, evaluate and maintain all Standard Operating Procedures & Local Operating Procedures. 

This Including developing a risk management, course maintenance and inspection plans.

Leadership & Team Building:


An experiential education program is designed to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual (holistic) self-discovery through adventure-challenge activities. Programs are primarily conducted in the outdoors by trained and experienced facilitators.

Themes can include: interdependence, mutual self respect, celebration of the human spirit and an ecological balance with nature, and faith in God.  We accomplish this with a series of activities and initiatives that are principled in the spirit of the somewhat universal concepts of adventure challenge ideas, and because we are ourselves a diverse team.

Tom Andrews, Principal

Resume for Tom:

Thomas Andrews: Trainer, designer & builder challenge courses, Ziplines,

Climbing Walls, Towers, Aerial Adventure Parks

Tom has been designing, building, inspecting, using, AND providing operator and facilitator trainings on challenge courses since 1980.


  • Accredited Vendor by Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA), since ‘09
  • Qualified Instructor Certification since ’17 (ANSI/PRCA 1.0-.3-2014)
  • PRCA Board of Directors, ’18- present
  • PVM Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) ‘93-‘95;
  • Associate member, ACCT ‘96-’16; Affiliate stakeholder 19-present


  • BS Cornell University (‘76),
  • MEd Boston University (’82).
  • Post-grad work Boston College (‘86)



Tom has designed, co-designed and built more than 1000 courses thus far. Tom’s company has worked nationally, including NH, NY, VA, PA, OH, IN, IL, MI, WI, MN, NE, IA, AZ, UT, OK, TX, MA, RI, CT, ME, VT, MO. Courses have been on trees, poles, indoors and other artificial material settings.

All courses built were reviewed by 3 rd party builders, many of whom were members of ACCT or PRCA or both. PIA’s policy as a builder is to inspect any courses built, annually, but to always seek a third-party to inspect after the third year to be as transparent in risk management as possible.


  • Teaching Assistant at Boston University (80-82); Instructor
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 90-92; Instructor
  • Wabash College (96-98); adjunct Professor, 
  • Taylor University (00-02); 

Tom has created and administered trainings, and a certification for operators / facilitators / practitioners since 1986. Tom documents a database of all people trained / certified and their challenge courses, which usually includes inspection reports, trainee tests, and pictures of their courses.


PRCA 2019 international conference co-chair and serve on its board of directors.  Stakeholder member ACCT.

Attended and presented at conferences for more than 35 years. 



Building and Designer

Londonderry, Hudson & Litchfield NH Schools

Contact Person Daniel Kiestlinger, PE and Athletics Dr., (semi-retired)

Telephone (603) 505-5441 

Service Date(s) 1989- present

Project Number and Description:

PI&A, assisted in design, repaired, rebuilt, inspected, and trained staff for tree AND pole based low and high challenge course since 1989 at three different school locations. We conducted a summer low and high facilitator trainings on premises nearly every 3 years from 1989 to 2005. (It has been annually since then).

Woodloch Pines Family Resorts, PA

Contact Person Patrick Kiesendahl, Owner Family

Telephone (570) 685-8000 

Service Date(s) 2010- present

Project Number and Description:

PI&A, collaborated and led in Canopy Racing Zipline design, repaired, rebuilt, inspected, and trained staff for tree AND pole based low and Zipline course since 2010. We have conducted Zipline manager and operator trainings on premises since 2011. Several expansion projects are on the table for the near future.


Westchester Country Day School, NY

Contact Person Mrs. Rachel Goldman, Business Manager

Telephone (914) 698-8900 

Service Date(s) 2010- present

Project Number and Description:

PI&A, designed, built, trained staff for and inspected tree AND pole based low and high challenge course since 2010. A second phase was added in the Fall of 2013. We conducted Fall and spring low and high facilitator trainings on premises 2013 and 2014. A third and fourth phase were added summer, fall, 2019, resulting in aerial adventure park like events on the high course, improved climbing wall events, and a new Zipline, as well as a more staff efficient operation. We also installed a unique young children’s adventure LOW park, featuring nets, wooden bridges, and many other tactile delights-all under 24” off the ground!

Holiday Recreation Center, Inc.

Contact Person: Dudley Hamlin, Owner and Director

Telephone (860) 423-1375 

Service Date(s) 1987-present

Project Number and Description:

Pro Image & Associates, LLC (Hereby referred to as PI & A) designed, built, trained staff for and inspected tree based low and high challenge course every year since 1987 to present except 1999 and 2006. We conduct Fall low and high facilitator trainings on premises and nearby courses which PI & A also built every year since 1999. Dudley was trained, certified; maintained status to present date. He also serves as adjunct trainer when able on and offsite. This site was one of the several that was reviewed through PRCA accreditation process.

Muncie IN YMCA Camp Crosley, (Yr round facility)

Contact Person: Richard Armstrong, 

Retired, former VP for Association Resource & Executive Director

Telephone (574) 834-2331 

Service Date(s) 1997-2011, 2014-2019

Project Number and Description:

PI&A, designed, built, trained staff for and inspected tree AND pole based low and high challenge course every year since 1997 to 2011 except 2003 and 2006. We conduct spring low and high facilitator trainings on premises from 2004-2019.