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Pro Image Adventures, LLC History

Pro Image Adventures, LLC has delivered challenge course adventure services to more than 500 organizations since 1985.  Never a large company, we created our own niche in the market with camps, schools, colleges, communities, churches, and corporate business teams.  Our client list includes names like YMCA Camp Crosley, Wyonegonic Camps, Camp Agawam, YMCA of the Ozarks,  Kostopulos Dream Foundation, Camp Moshava, Remuda Ranch, Eli Lilly, Inland Paperboard Packaging, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Taylor University, Indiana Wesleyan University.

Services:   Pro Image Adventures, LLC doesn’t JUST do Ropes Courses; we are a full service adventure challenge company.  This means we are experienced (more than 25 years) in the design of community based facilitation, staff training, teambuilding, group skills training, and more…oh yeah, we do build and service challenge course and climbing structures, too! 

Our target audience(s) are primarily adults, (as teachers of youth) and college students, but we also work with high school, middle school, and even elementary / primary aged children.

Our vision and Outcomes:        To create an enduring model of individuals within a community that practice leadership, teambuilding, peace, compassion, humor and teach one another life lessons that are multi-cultural.  To provide safe, creative, environmentally/ aesthetically pleasing structures that are fun to be in and play on and stimulate personal and group action.  Themes include but are not limited to: interdependence, mutual self respect, celebration of the human spirit and an ecological balance with nature, and faith in God.  We accomplish this with a series of activities and initiatives that are principled in the spirit of the somewhat universal concepts of adventure challenge ideas, and because we are (have access to) more than one person’s skills. 

Specific results include these Universal concepts:

  • Improve self esteem, sense of competence and helps foster appropriate relationships with others;
  • Develop agility, balance, awareness of their bodies in healthy, responsible ways;
  • Develop courage as well as make good choices  as to their own safety limits;
  • Facilitates community development based on trust, communication, respect…and humor!
  • Provides a bond which is developed through a shared experience;
  • Facilitates the development of teamwork [and examines leadership] within a community;
  • Provides an alternative environment for learning and the development of character;
  • Practicing how to care for the environment and why it matters;

Middle & High School and older

  • Facilitates the development of peer support for academic success and social integration;
  • Develop and practice critical thinking, effective problem solving and communication skills;
  • Discovering their place locally; then, within a world community at a personal level;
  • Becoming aware of their voice and opportunity to stir the hearts and consciences of those with the power to make real change.
  • (Optional) Exploring / developing their faith through conversations, and service for social justice projects;
  • Create inter faith tolerance and true peace, through shared activities and service learning projects

Community Development:   We love to custom design programs that may use portable initiatives, ropes courses, discussions, service projects, Outward Bound layered leadership (“Each one, Teach One”), to develop the hearts, bodies, minds and souls of those participating.  Where possible, experiences are designed with much receiving in order to give back generously to others, (“pay it forward”).  To do so, it is essential to track individuals over a period of time and ask their commitment to service to others at critical points in longer term projects. 

When allowed, we work with organizations to identify, seize or create intentional opportunities to “give back” in a variety of areas (their community through arts, teaching, facilitating, managing aspects of the project, outreach to other future recipients, fund raising).

For more information about the principal, Tom Andrews, click here for bio and references.

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